Ongoing projects

Bosonic HMF model as a quantum many body problem

I am currently working with James Lambert to try to understand how the ground state of the HMF model changes as it is tuned from the strong- to weak-coupling regime.

Caustics in coupled condensates

Motivated by Duncan’s work on the Bose-Josephson junction, we are trying to understand how caustics manifest themselves in two coupled elongated condensates as realized by Jorg Schmiedmayer’s group in Vienna.

Solitons in the HMF model

I am investigating stationary solutions, and their boosted (via a Gallilean transformation) cousins, in the HMF model. This project is nearing completion.

Neutrino dipole portals

I am working with Gabriel Magill, Maxim Pospelov, and Yu-Dai Tsai to develop a fairly comprehensive set of constraints on a dipole portal coupling to a heavy neutral lepton. This project should be completed in mid January.

Fall to the centre and quantum anomalies

This project has two parts, one of which is essentially completed. First I worked in collaboration with Cliff Burgess to apply the formalism of point particle effective field theory to the problem of a cloud of polarisable atoms interacting with a charged wire. This provides a concrete application of the theory, and shows it can be extended to account for a non-unitary (i.e. absorptive) point particle. This is essentially completed.

Next, I am working with Duncan O’Dell to develop a concrete experimental proposal of this experiment wherein this physics could be observed in a laboratory.  We hope to have this finished in time for ICTS’s workshop on non-Hermitean physics.