Ongoing projects

Density ripple dynamics of a quasi condensate

I am working in collaboration with Isabelle Bouchoule and Max Schemmer on their atom chip experiment. We are interested in whether classical field simulations can help shed light on non-linear interactions in their quasi-condensate.

Quantum fluctuations in the  HMF model

I am currently working with James Lambert to try to understand how the ground state of the HMF model changes as it is tuned from the strong- to weak-coupling regime. In particular we are interested in whether or not quantum fluctuations can restore translational invariance (mean field theory predicts a quantum phase transition).

Solitons in the HMF model

I am investigating stationary solutions, and their boosted (via a Gallilean transformation) cousins, in the HMF model.  The exact solutions obtained in this project are useful

Experimental realization of a quantum anomaly with fall to the centre

I am working with Duncan O’Dell to develop a concrete experimental proposal of this experiment wherein this physics could be observed in a laboratory.