Research Projects

A more detailed explanation of my (fully or partially) completed projects can be found here. I will keep an up to date list of what I am currently working on here, while my more prospective, and consequently unpolished, ideas  can be found here.

If any of my ghosts of research past, present, or future interest you, or you have any ideas for a collaboration drop me a line.

Quick Summary of Interests (past and present)
  •  Non-equilibrium physics in quantum many-body systems
    • Applying catastrophe theory to quantum dynamics
    • Low dimensional quantum gases (e.g. Lieb-Liniger model, quasi-condensates)
    • Long-range interactions (HMF model and dipolar BECs)
    • High-finesse cavities coupled to cold atoms
  • Effective field theory methods
    • Universal behaviour and connection to experiments with cold atoms
    • Connections to open quantum systems
    • Applications to quantum simulation
  • Neutrino physics
    • Neutrino trident production
    • Creative new uses of intensity frontier experiments
    • Sterile neutrinos and physics beyond the Standard Model