Research Interests

I am interested in applications of quantum field theory.  I try to work on systems that have close connections to experiment (or observation); my research tends, therefore, to have a fairly phenomenological slant.

Quick Summary of Interests (unexplored interests in italics)
  • Neutrino physics
  • Effective field theory methods
    • Point Particle EFT  ( for cold atoms arXiv:1804.10324 and for black holes arXiv:1808.00847)
    • Heavy particle effective theory for consistent treatment of nucleon structure.
    • Dynamics in many body physics (see  e.g. arXiv:1807:10228)
    • Universality and emergent phenomena
    • Unitary quantum gases 
    • Systematic corrections for precision experiments 
    • Open effective field theories (see e.g. arXiv:1408.5002 and arXiv:1607.02939 for recent developments)
  •  Non-equilibrium physics in quantum many-body systems.
    • Consequences of catastrophe theory in quantum dynamics.
    • Density ripple dynamics in quasi-condensates (see e.g. arXiv:1712.04642 for an experimental realization) .
    • Long-range interactions ( arXiv:1610.01582 ).
    • Quantum simulation of field theories 
    • Spectral split and the many-body formalism in supernovae