About me

I grew up in a town near Toronto, Canada, and spent most of my teenage years playing competitive football and rugby. I did my undergrad at the University of Guelph  where I spent four years studying physics and two years playing varsity football. Afterwards I took a trip down the road to McMaster University for graduate school. During my first postdoc I lived “close” to Fermilab  in Logan Square, Chicago and just recently moved to Pasadena, CA.

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My real interest in physics stems from a lifelong curiosity and the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics.  My first love is solving problems, and studying physics offers an embarrassment of  riches as far as problems go. If you are interested in my specific research interests follow this link.

In my spare time I enjoy: seeing live music, watching movies, going to the theatre, reading, and exploring cities (see academic map). I also enjoy playing sports such as squash, basketball,  soccer, and rugby. I also have a few more amateur interests outside of physics such as city planning, transit design, and analytics in both hockey and basketball.

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