About me

I grew up in Georgetown, Ontario and spent most of my formative years playing competitive football and rugby. I then attended the University of Guelph  where I spent four years studying physics and two years playing varsity football, ultimately quitting so as to focus on physics. Afterwards I took a trip down the road to McMaster University to study particle physics under Itay Yavin, whose tutelage came with the added benefit of access to the Perimeter Institute.  After completing my Masters in physics I decided to pursue a doctorate with Duncan O’Dell also at McMaster.

My primary passion is physics, and so I am extremely happy to be pursuing a career in research. I love solving problems, and have always been fascinated by the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics, and physics offers a particularly beautiful intersection of nature, math, and deep questions.  It fosters an exciting environment  where rapid and exciting progress is driven by experiment, theory, and a desire to understand how nature works. If you are interested in my specific research interests follow this link.

I plan to continue research after my Ph.D., and am excited about the possibility of living in a different part of the world after my doctorate, having spent my formative year within a stones throw of my home town.

In my spare time I enjoy: seeing live music and black-box theatre, reading, exploring cities, and playing squash, basketball, and soccer. Outside of physics, topics that hold my interest include: city planning, transit design, as well as analytics in both hockey and basketball.

Interesting links
What I am reading (not physics)
  • And the sun also rises – Ernest Hemmingway
  • Your Next Government? From the Nation State to Stateless Nations – Tom W. Bell